Manoj Kumar Alwani

Real Estate Agent

"As a proud Broker with the esteemed Island Real Estate Team, the leading real estate company in St. Maarten/St. Martin, I bring a wealth of expertise in luxury living. With a University degree in Business Admin and over 25 years in luxury real estate sales, rentals, and development, I am dedicated to delivering the utmost attention and care to meet your unique real estate needs.

Hailing from a lineage of jewelers, I am a 4th generation enthusiast with a profound passion for diamonds, gemstones, and a discerning eye as a premium watch connoisseur. From fine timepieces to precious metals, my background has immersed me in the world of luxury and refinement. Having revitalized retail operations and contributed to shopping mall developments, I discovered my true passion lies in creating from scratch, particularly in the realm of real estate.

For me, honesty is non-negotiable. Guiding with unwavering sincerity, your happiness is my measure of success, valuing your precious time. It's both my pleasure and duty to persevere, aligning your dream property seamlessly with your budget.

In the words of Kenneth B. Elliot, a customer is not an interruption but the purpose of our work. Serving you is not a favor; it's an opportunity we cherish. I eagerly anticipate assisting you in finding the perfect investment property.

Warm regards,

Manoj Kumar Alwani"